My experiences at an English boarding school


Last year, after I had passed grade 9, I got the chance to go to a boarding school in England for one year.

I was at a girls’ school called Cobham Hall, which was very different from our Wirsberg-Gymnasium.

The school was very international. For example, in my class there were girls from America, China, France, Belgium, Australia, South-Korea, Japan, Germany and, of course, from England.


It was great to get to know students from so many different countries and cultures.

We lived together at the school, which was a very big old castle with a beautiful park surrounding it.

In my grade two girls lived together in one room. I shared my room with a girl called Taylor who was from Canada.

With our tutor group we made a lot of trips. They were really cool. My school was only a one-hour-drive away from London, so we went to the theatre, visited many exhibitions and went shopping there.

However, we also had to work hard and learn a lot. At the end of the year we wrote our GCSEs, an exam which can be compared to our “Realschulabschluss” in Germany. In England these exams are very important because you need to pass them with good results. Otherwise you cannot stay on to do A-levels.

The whole year was a great experience.


I will never forget this year and I would recommend a year as an exchange student to everyone who has the chance to spend some time abroad. It is really worth it.

If you have any questions about my year in England, you can come and ask me.

Antonia Rudert 10b


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