Sarah Garrett


Sarah Garrett is 15 years old and comes from Oxford, south England. She lived there until she was nine and attended the kindergarten “The Squirrel”. After that she went to Greycotes School at Oxford. She was a very good student from the first year of school, but sometimes she had to learn until 3.30 pm there.


When she traveled to Germany with her parents, they visited five schools at Würzburg but she did not understand that she was going to go to a school there since her father had to move to Germany because of his job.

First she was very sad and did not like anything about Würzburg, but everybody was nice to her. Now she is happy and even likes the German language. Sarah is also pleased to be able to sing in the choir and to play chess thanks to the great range of activities at Wirsberg-Gymnasium. Her favourite languages are English, Spanish and French, and her favourite colour is purple.

At her old school Drama was a subject and the girls had to wear blue dresses with white flowers on them. She thinks that private schools in England are better than the state schools, so she is happy that in Germany state schools are also good and nobody has to pay for them.

Sarah’s father is a British man and Sarah’s mother a Chinese woman who comes from Hongkong. She and Sarah’s father had been living there for 20 year. Sarah has been to Hongkong to visit her grandma and all her other relatives a few times.

Sarah’s hobbies are playing the piano and meeting her friends. At home they usually speak English; sometimes she and her mother speak Cantonese (a Chinese language) or German. When they speak Cantonese, Sarah’s father is not happy because he does not understand anything.

Sarah has a dog, but he is sometimes a little bit naughty. She is still in touch with her some friends at Oxford, and her best friend Tasha lives there.

In the future Sarah will be part of “Jesus Christ Superstar” at WiG, the musical with scenes of Jesus’ life and classical songs. After school she will probably travel a lot, she is already thinking about studying in England – maybe Chinese?

Last, but not least: her favourite German meals are: schnitzel, bratwurst and potato salad.

Feli (tutor group 8B)

Sarah Garrett is a 15-year-old girl who goes to Wirsberg-Gymnasium in Würzburg. But originally she comes from Oxford, South England. There she lived with her family until she was nine. Her father is British English and her mother is from Hongkong. They met in Hongkong and moved to England together.

Sarah has a dog. He is a grey-and-white black middle schnauzer and his name is Amigo. Amigo jumps around all the time and Sarah likes to play with him.

Sarah and her family had to move to Würzburg because of her father’s new job. They visited Würzburg in the summer holidays when she was nine and had a look at the local schools. But Sarah did not know that she would have to move there. After they had moved to Germany, she was sent to Wirsberg-Gymnasium. There she did not understand the language at first, but she got help from the teachers.

Today she can speak German perfectly and she likes the school. Sarah likes the cultural side of our school best, and she has joined many clubs. In England school is different: The private schools are better than the state schools, but you have to pay a lot of money to visit a private school. In Sarah’s school there was a cafeteria and there were school lounges. She had to wear school uniform, which she found nice and quite good. Drama was a subject.

At home she usually speaks English. Sometimes her father speaks German with her, but she does not like it. With her mother she sometimes speaks Chinese, but she cannot read or write this language. Sarah was in Hongkong a few times. There she visited her relatives.

The hobbies of the 15-year-old girl are playing the piano, meeting friends, relaxing at home, learning new languages (for example she wants to learn Chinese better) and singing. She will be part of “Jesus Christ Superstar”. There we will be able to enjoy her again.

Kirsti (tutor group 8B)

Report about Sarah Garrett

Two weeks ago, Sarah Garrett visited our class to tell us about herself.

Sarah is 15 years old and she is from Oxford in south England. Her dad is British, too, and her mum comes from Hongkong. Her parents lived in Oxford together for 20 years. When Sarah was nine, the family had to move to Würzburg because of her dad’s new job. In Oxford Sarah’s mum asked her if she wanted to learn German. Sarah wanted to, and so she went to a summer school, but she did not know that she would have to live in Germany. The three traveled to Würzburg and visited some schools to choose the best one for Sarah. They were at Wirsberg-Gymnasium, too. But Sarah still did not know anything about her parents’ plans. In the end her parents decided for Wirsberg because we are not so many pupils here.

She really likes our school, especially because of the many clubs you can take part in, for example the theater club. Sarah is a member of it, she will be part in the theater play next year.

In her free time she plays tennis and the piano, tmeets her friends, and she really likes to learn languages. She speaks English, German, French, Spanish and a bit Chinese. At home Sarah and her parents speak English together. Sarah has no brothers or sisters, but a dog called Amigo she really likes. Sarah would love to study in England, maybe a language like Chinese.

Sarah likes Germany and she also likes the German school system better than the English one because in England there are private schools which are sometimes bettter than state schools, but you have to pay for them. So people who do not have so much money maybe do not get an education of the same quality as people who can afford to go to public schools.

Sarah’s favourite colour is purple and she likes jazz and the German schnitzel.

Milena D. (tutor group 8B)


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